Custom Clearance

P.A. Wali Mohammad is an all Pakistan custom licence holder, numbered 800. Being one of the oldest custom agents in Pakistan we provide the following services in custom clearance spectrum:

Import Cargo Handling  

Consignments and shipments from anywhere in the world be it air, sea or via road.

At P.A. WALI MOHAMMAD you don’t have to worry about your custom clearance, custom documentation, bounded warehousing, transportation, etc. We specialize in taking care of them!

P.A. WALI MOHAMMAD delivers cargo from air or sea port at timely basis depending on the client’s priority for the shipment. Air cargo is delivered from Karachi International Cargo Terminal within 2 -3 working days. If the priority is high (cool chain/highly dangerous goods) custom clearance and transportation with in a day is also possible.
We have round the clock custom clearance and timely delivery at Karachi Port and Port Bin Qasim at Karachi. Whether its day or night your shipments will reach you as soon as possible.

Our services on import cargo side include

  • Custom clearance
  • Transit consignment handling
  • Project import shipment handling and its delivery at any sight in Pakistan
  • Chartered ship clearance
  • Application of import licenses
  • Perishables shipments (within 24 hours of arrival)
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Warehousing and fulfillment
  • Temporary import and inbound warehousing
  • Storage

Export Cargo Handling

Export your cargo hassle free in speed and cost effective way anywhere in the world!

Export shipments demand time accuracy. At P.A. WALI MOHAMMAD we realize the enormous importance of timely delivery of your consignments at the ports (air/sea).

P.A. WALI MOHAHAMAD provides complete cargo export solution. From your factory warehouse to the export destination of the consignment, we will take care of everything from custom documentations, to freight forwarding, to arranging for consignment space on-board of a vessel.

On export-side we provide the following services:

  • Export consultancy
  • Export documentation
  • L/c-handling
  • Legalization of export documents
  • Consolidations
  • Direct shipments
  • Back-to-back shipments
  • Perishables shipments
  • Dangerous goods handling and shipment
  • Valuables shipment (gold, expensive raw-material, etc)
  • Time critical shipments
  • Temporary export