Strategic Vision

“ The strategic vision of P.A. WALI MOHAMMAD is to provide corporations based in Pakistan with a complete customs and supply chain management solutions under one roof in the most cost effective, time effective and resource effective way, reducing our client’s supply chain management costs while exceeding their expectations “
Three distinct characteristics set P.A. WALI MOHAMMAD apart from others in the industry…
  • Trust – P.A. WALI MOHAMMAD’s reputation is based on our unrelenting commitment to honesty and integrity. We only partner with customers in which our proven capabilities are a perfect fit. Our “brutally honest” style is our hallmark — only promising what we can and will deliver. As a result, we view our outstanding reputation as one of our greatest assets.
  • Experience – The vast experience of four decades in the logistics industry has strengthened P.A. WALI MOHAMMAD with experience to get the job done. We have built our reputation on hiring and retaining the best logistics engineers, clearing and forwarding professionals, technology professionals and operations staff in the industry.
  • Execution – There is no such thing as a standard distribution operation these days. Each customer we partner with has a unique environment with specific operational requirements. P.A. WALI MOHAMMAD has developed a refined approach to project management that ensures a successful implementation each and every time. All our services are customized to fulfill our client’s exclusive needs.